Sunday, March 9, 2014

Hong Kong Graduation Trip 2014

This is the best time to quote " Time flies when you are having fun "
It wasn't my first time having an overseas trip with my fellow pals, but it was the most amazing trip ever.
I guess your company do make a difference yea.

This time, as you have seen on my blog title, it's my graduation trip to Hong Kong!
Well, it was a 7 days 6 nights trip with my favorite friends a.k.a. clique :D
(Beware of EXTREMELY LONG blog post)
Day 1

We took the Cathay Pacific Airlines, 1.30am flight. (bad choice)

Looking horrendous because I rushed over from my bro's wedding HAHA
It was kind of horrible when we arrived in Hong Kong at 5.30am and we couldn't check in to our apartment too early thus we had a roam around the streets of Mong Kok with our big ass lugguage. (Okay, maybe just mine)

Anyway, we were walking around the streets trying to locate this café called ... *ok I cant remember*, which was rated the best PO LO BAO in Hongkong.....
We walked around the streets for 45 mins and apparently still failed to find that "famous café" whereby the citizens don't even know where is it. Well we shall assume that it was due to our weird accent. haha

So after walking for 45 mins..
(I know you guys are waiting for a happy ending)
We still dint manage to find that café..  (BOOHOO!)
So we resorted to getting Janica to ask the fellow domestic helpers on the streets of where can we have our breakfast at!  (At least they have a common language that removes that communication barrier no?)

& tadah....

we settled for some "fast food" breakfast café.
I called it the fast food because everything was prepared so quickly!!!

After breakfast, we excitedly went to their supermarket (which obviously is SHOP & SAVE)

to buy some household items to prepare for our 6 nights stay in our cute lil. apartment.
Oh btw, our apartment was book on . Pretty good rates, reliable and extremely suitable for family trips or group of friends!

Check out our Apartment!
So cute isn't it! Good apartments do make the holiday more enjoyable :)

Anyway it looks exactly the same as the pictures provided on the website ahaha

As mentioned, we had a 1.30am flight and obviously.. I couldn't sleep well on the air plane...
It was so squeezy because I have an extremely long body :'(
Anyway I wasn't the only one who was tired, everyone was worn out!!
Thus we all had a good bath and all went to have a power nap before we head out for lunch!!

I had chili beef balls with fish paste noodles!

Super delicious especially with such a chilly weather...
Actually Hongkong's temperature was fine.. it was just that so happen when we were here for a vacation, the country was experiencing some chilly wind passing by ... which made it extremely cold for us .... (brrr)

Octopus Card (EZLINK CARD)

After lunch!
Went to Tai Gu MTR, to meet my auntie. Hehe I have a Hongkong Aunt that stays above a huge shopping mall, so I asked the rest to shop around well I visit her. Miss her so much!! It's been 1.5 years since I have met her :')

Hehe after the visiting, I caught up with the rest and went to Causeway MTR to do some shopping.
To me, Causeway bay feels like Singapore's Orchard Road whereby branded goods were everywhere.
But we are still.....students jobless so we went to Forever 21 to shop. HAHA.
Their forever is damnnnnn huge and we spent about 3 hours in that shop. (I think it's 3)
Well, to us were shopping paradise and the guys complained that the shop should be named as " Forever Waiting" LOL.
Close enough, because the waiting time just to enter the fitting room was slightly more than an hour.
Thankgod we had Bryan as our entertainer. HAHA

After more shopping, we wanted to find another famous restaurant to eat.. (found on the internet), which we failed again... wasting another 1 hour. *legs were dying*
Thus we settled for Genki Sushi!
The salmon was extremelyyyyy fresh and best thing was, the price was cheaper than Singapore :D

Their Makis were damn good!!!

Yay! After our (finally) satisfying dinner, we went to Mong kok and WE MET A HONGKONG ACTOR ON THE STREETS!!!

Well, not exactly "meeting him" like we bumped into him or smth but there was some filming going on and everyone was crowding around thus as typical Singaporeans, we went to kay poh as well LOL

HAHA after that cheap thrill, the rest went back to the apartment to rest while Cole & I went for a foot massage because our legs were killing us.
Seriously not used to walking the wholeeee day!
Spent SGD $30 plus for an hour of foot + shoulders massage which was extremely expensive la...
Lucky for cole , he had a good masseur to massage for him thus he felt extremely relaxed after the massage.
As for me, not so lucky.. my shoulders became SORE after the massage..

After the whole day, I swear it as though we have spent 2 days in Hongkong already. It was an extremely long day for us ... But it's good! Maybe midnight flight isn't that bad :)

Day 2

Woke up in the morning and.... Shermane has swollen lips. LOL
We thought it was dental infection which resulted in swollen lips cheeks FACE. LOL.
Okay Im an asshole ahaha. We kept cracking some swollen face jokes on her. hehe.

With the babes!

Yay bought a cute beanie LOL
With the boys!

Anyway we tried to find TIM HO WAN in Mongkok because we heard there was an outlet there (the original one) thus we spent 45 mins searching for it and to realize that it have shifted away already...

Seriously no luck with good food.

Thus, we settled for Yoshinoya.
Not sure if we were very hungry or what... but the Yoshinoya there was damn AMAZINGGGG
Big in portion too but the price is almost the same as Singapore.
Meh. That's the only downside

Nonetheless. Satisfying Brunch (Y)

Actually half way through our brunch, my aunt called me to ask if I needed winter wear because the wind was seriously too crazily cold and my outer wears were just cardigans... Not thick enough to brave the wind...

So I went to visit my aunt myself to collect the winter wear and to my surprise, she actually brought me to buy a new winter wear for myself . * touched *

My outer wear dint change for the next 6 days btw LOL
Aunt bought me a cup of warm gongcha with pearl! Omg super nice !!

After getting warmed up with my thick cozy jacket, I went to find the rest at causeway bay !
Btw, Shermane went to see a doctor and was diagnosed to have infected lips. O.O
LOL. Can you all sense how suay was she... how the hell can one get infected lips for no reason..

Anyway, after that we decided to visit Victoria Peak! :D

Bryan initially suggested to climb the peak but in the end we still took a tram up but it was just a single trip. haha

Just chilling with Edward~~ 

Well, idk why but we suddenly decided to YOLO and climb down the peak.

It was freezing HAHA.

BUT!!!! After adding in the factors that it was EXTREMELY FOGGY,
WE DK THE WAYS (because of communication barriers),
it was SUPER YOLO okay!!!!!

Look at that fog! Im pretty sure this photo was taken when we were lost LOL
We almost got ourselves lost within the peak because of miscommunication with the locals thus thankgod Janica (again) met a Filipino and he managed to lead us to the right way down the hill!

HAHA while we were preparing to walk down, we saw a group of Japanese at the bus stop and Bryan just told them " WALK WALK "
And they really walked down the peak with us! HAHA it was so hilarious and interesting because it was just 10 of us, self highing when we were going down the peak.
Their Japanese accent was just so cute!

We took about 1 hour to climb down the peak and by then, our quads were aching so badly! We had to keep breaking us from going forward with our legs because the roads were just TOO steep and slippery too due to high humidity!

HAHA anyway WE YOLO-ed & conquered Victoria Peak! :D

As we were trying to look for the MTR, we came across a rather buzzling street and to realize it was the famous Lan Kwai Fong! Drinking paradise in Hongkong!
What caught our attention was this 10 shots challenge whereby customers have to finish 10 shots within 10 seconds to get their faces up on the wall of frame.

So Bryan, Coleman and Janica did their challenge!  (Only Bryan managed to finish it within 10 secs! Let us salute his fast consumption skills LOL)

Preparing to attempt the 10 shots challenge yo!

As we were prepared to leave, we met a Filipino (Again) and an Indonesian couple who happened to be in rather good talking terms with us and I would say... it could also be because we finally found someone who can speak common English with us. We had a rough day communicating with the locals you know...

Anyway, background info: the guy said they were celebrating their first monthsary here at LKF and they wanted us to join them. As we followed him along the streets of LKF, the guy was shaking hands with almost all of the BOUNCERS of the club and he said he is working as a DJ.. (His name is Vincent btw)
When I emphasised the word, BOUNCER, was because their bouncers were all damn huge as compared to the ones in Singapore.
They carry this " DO NOT OFFEND US " expression on their faces & we were gladly to do so.

So actually at that point, Bryan warned us not to follow strangers because since Vincent knew so many people, he may bring us to some club, open bottles and make us pay for it. a.k.a. Signs of a Conman

However, we just decided to play along and check out if Bryan was right since we were carrying a really YOLO mindset to this trip.
So Vincent (that guy), recommended us to go for a Sheesha and said that he would pay for it (150hkd)
During that 2 hours of sheesha and slight drinking, he told us lots of interesting bullshit stuffs about himself and we felt that something wasn't that right..
Indeed during our payment time,
Mr Vincent only took out 120 HKD which doesn't include the drink he ordered, including his girlfriend's. Thus he pretended to search for this girlfriend's wallet and there was NO MONEY!
So Bryan dint want any unnecessary troubles because we wouldn't want bouncers to chase after us thus he settled the bill.
& the bill was crazy because that 150HKD sheesha price was just a happy hour price and all of our drinks were simply overprices with additional service charge shit.
Even mineral water cost SG5 and the girls were forced to order a drink each.

- I think we got scammed -

Anyway, we still played along and Vincent said he will buy us  10 shots and as expected, after drinking that 10 shots, the bartender asked who will pay the bill?
At that moment, I felt that it was extremely wrong already and I quickly brought shermane and Geraldine to zao to the MTR & the guys were left to settle.
HAHA actually it felt really thrilling because during that moment, I really imagined people chasing us along the road of Lan Kwai Fong asking us to pay money or smth HAHA

THANKGOD. That Vincent guy paid for it which suddenly makes me doubt... is he really a conman?
This still remains as a mystery ~

Anyway, just so if you guys are going to Hongkong Lan Kwai Fong, and happen to meet this guy called Vincent and wanted to bring you to some sort of place to drink...

Day 3

Wanted to have Tim Ho Wan for breakfast... but we cant find AGAIN. thus we settle for some dimsum at a nearby Chinese restaurant
In hongkong, I believe that Chinese restaurant serves dimsum in the morning and then the usual zi char at night.
Anyway the dimsum... not too bad, about 80 hkd each ahaha

After Dimsum, we headed to MACAU!!!
we caught a ferry, and was about 1 hour ride.
You will be amazed, (or maybe not).. the ferry was very nice although it was an economy class ticket which I thought it will be some sort of pulau ubin boat. LOL.
In fact, it was airconditioned, no shakey rides, and it was very clean too ! :D
HAHA my friends were sleeping away throughout that 1 hour ride!
( Tickets were about 150hkd for a single trip)

When we reached Macau, we were LOST. HAHA. No internet around like Hongkong thus we cant use google maps but thankgod people in Macau speaks Chinese and we managed to explore the area :D

Wheee! We had the famous Portuguese egg tarts and I would say it is the best egg tart I ever had. TOO GOOD


After the sight seeing, we went to a casino to gamble a little ! HAHA
Lots of cheap thrills because we were all betting with the minimum sum and we were making hell lots of noise inside the casino. LOL. I was surprised that no one chased us out

Anyway we won some bus ride money and took a bus to TAI PA island, and went to Venetian.
On the road, we look all the beautiful casinos around and it really felt like a dream city...
Especially the newly built Casinos were all damn huge, grand and so dream-like....


Upon reaching Venetian, we attempted to gamble but was claimed that we were under 21 thus we cant enter. HAHA. So we tried all sorts of retarded way to look old and tried to sneak in but failed because the casino was just so strict. Good Job!

Getting ready to gamble. HAHA
Poor us had to eat MacDonald's in Macau HAHA

So we went back to the previous casino that we managed to go in and to realize that are underage now, we started to gamble consciously because we were just afraid to get thrown out. HAHAHA
That 180 degree change in attitude was quite funny

After winning some money, we decided to leave Macau and to realize that it was already 1.30am!!!
According to the staff of the casino, the last ferry was at 2am and the next one was at 4am!
However, we still decided to walk around to ask and we met a bunch of Filipinos again! (they are everywhere)
This time, they said there's no more ferry left and the earliest will be 6am.


Of course, because we already spent 12 hours in Macau and were so tired...
We even had thoughts to just book a budget hotel in Macau!
Thankfully, our instinct told us to just go to ferry station and maybe we can catch the 2am ferry!
End up.....
The ferry runs 24/7 -.-
We were feeling both cheated yet relieved at the same time haha
BTW! To those going to Macau, there will be ppl selling ticket outside the ticketing booth (from tour agencies), they are usually cheaper than the counter!
However, do still stay cautious and check the date & time of the ferry on the ticket :)

A whole new level of being TIRED.
& it was scary walking back home because strangers were staring at us and due to our past experiences, we were just soooo afraid of strangers LOL

Day 4

HAHA we woke up at like 1:30 pm.. everyone basically  KO-ed when we arrived back at the apartment the last night!
I would say Day 4 was just a relax day where we had lunch a Cantonese place ! Finally some roasted duck rice.. wonton noodles... etc

The food was pretty amazing and as usual, the HK waitress was pissed off with us because we kept editing our orders.. Scary. HAHA
Spent rest of our time shopping and we decided to head to Kowloon to visit the skyline!
Well.... to be on top of the tower will be expensive thus cheapskate and YOLO us went in front of a hotel to snap beautiful shots scenery HAHAHA

To capture the a better shot, I stood up on the waterpump. HAHA SUPER UNGLAM.
LOL. unglam moments, but idc.
Look at the amazing night scenary *.*
The wind was crazy and it felt as though it could blow us away! Not even exaggerating!
HAHA So poor us ultimately had to seek shelter in W Hotel and act as though we were staying there LOL
Luckily there was a shopping area downstairs !

Yay simple day and before we return to our apartment, we went around Mongkok to get our delicious street food :D

HAHA we had a horrible time find these fries!
Inside Joke: Bryan wanted to ask the locals
"Fries Hai Bin Dou? Lei Mo Fries Ah?"
OMG. If you LOVE spicy food! You should totally eat this. DAMN GOOD

Day 5

Slept late again and woke up just in time for brunch HAHA
Since we were gg to leave HK on Saturday, we thought we could have our last Yoshinoya meal because it was THAT GOOD.
This time, I ordered double poached eggs! NOMZ

After our satisfying meal, we went to Ocean park! YAY!


HAHA thankfully, there was not much crowd and we dint have to queue for long for all the rides and attractions!

Within our clique, both Shermane and Geraldine were extremely afraid to heights or rides. HAHA
But we still managed to convince them to take 1 ride with us which initially looks like a normal pirate ship...
when we went close, the ride was a 360degree pirate ship whereby u will be hung upside down at the top. LOL. WE ALMOST DIED WHEN WE SAW THAT.
But.. we YOLO-ED again and went for the ride.
Once again .. I swear...
The moment when you got hung facing downwards to the ground at 6 storeys high was SO CRAZY.
It's like u wanted to scream but the gravitational force was pulling you so hard that you couldn't scream anymore hahaha

(fyi. Shermane cried LOL.)

Look at that prominent ride in the middle. That was the 360degree ride I mentioned which is known as the Flash !
So we went around YOLOING with the rides (even water rides when the wind so strong & cold)
HAHA and the guys won us cute plushies from those carnival games!
YAY HAHA. It's kinda my first time whereby ppl won carnival soft toys for me! HAHAHA
Too bad I have an old, uninterested face that I will not be interesting in soft toys but I LOVE IT! HAHA especially if it's a meaningful one!
So yay! So an ocean park soft toy is up on my bed :D

After we left ocean park, we visit temple street (supposingly a famous night market) whereby I found ladies street more happening and interesting!
Thus we dint get any food for temple street and instead had some KFC at mongkok!
HAHA fast food again...
We sorta gave up looking for famous local food because we will always take more than 45 mins searching for it or even end up not able to find it
ANYWAY, the KFC was still yummy (Y)

See! Janica looking so satisfied ahaha
That's not mash potatoes btw.. It's mushroom rice LOL

Day 6

It's at central MTR station and inside IFC mall! Do not miss it :)

As expected, TIM HO WAN was damn awesome!!!!!!
Best thing was it was super cheap! Each of us only paid less than SGD 10!
It was soooooo satisfying!!!

The bbq pork buns were damn jist man ahahaha
After our good meal, we went to ngong ping 360.
According to my mom, it was a pretty new place!
Initially, I really thought we could miss that place since it's just... a mountain.... cable car... etc..
BUT after going there, I swear I dint regret going!

We bought a special cable car ride whereby it's known as a the crystal cable car.
HAHA despite having height phobias, we YOLO-ed again and went for the crystal cabin that has a glass floor!


Amazing view from on top LOL

Went up the mountain and we saw the giant Buddha!
The whole area was so beautiful, clean, calm, serenity... it was just amazing...

Cute doggy :3
Actually there should be much more we can explore within the place but we dint had time so we left..

When we were on our way down the mountain, the cable car was shaking so badly due to the strong wind.
What if anything happens I thought to myself.
HAHA my dear friends who are reading this, u guys thought I was joking about being scared right..
I WASNT. I was seriously freaking out in my mind.  LOL

After the wonderful trip to ngongping, I PANGSEH  separated from my friends and went to my aunt's house for dinner! HAHA she cooked so much because she thought im bringing another friend along!
Ahhhh I love how my aunt feels like my granny :) So much warmth!

Look at the amount of food for 4 people LOL
With my Aunt :)

Dinner was satisfying and I went to meet my friends again and we surprised COLEMAN in our apartment! HAHA though he doubted there was something wrong10 seconds before the surprise happened, I guess it was still a success :D
Yay! Happy 21st "love" !

After the surprise, we went on a bargaining spree at ladies market and I encountered the most ridiculous thing ever!!!
Actually Cole and I already bought a pair of shades at 60 HKD each and since Bryan said we could have haggled lower, we went to another store to check the specs out!
Indeed, the woman offered me hkd 40 and I was really intending to buy but I could'nt find a nice one.. thus I walked away.
Before I could walk away,

the lady was like alright I give you 30 hkd!
And I was like HUH
then she said.. 20 hkd
then I was thinking are u freaking serious...
then she said 10 hkd
and I told her, you serious?
and she said FREE FOR U LA HOR.
blablabla....... in Chinese mix canto LOL which I dint hear properly...
I quickly left before I got insulted face to face & I dint want to be pissed during a vacation whereby I was supposed to have fun! HAHA
SO well, I treated it as an "experience", getting scolded by a local LOLLLL

AND MY FRIENDS WERE HAPPILY LAUGHING THAT I GOT CURSED when they dint realize they were going to take the same plane as me till I reminded them! HAHAHA

Day 7

Spent the whole morning packing our stuff and quickly rushed to the airport!!!
HAIS! Realized I left my charger in my aunt's place and it was too late to go back and collect it.
Shucks.... I'm always that careless and I was still so proud of myself that i haven't left anything behind throughout the past 6 days LOL

Quickly bought a PO LU BAO BEFORE I LEAVE!!!
& when we were checking in, as usual, my luggage was the heaviest T.T

Before we board the plane, we received the news of the missing Malaysia airlines..
For that short instance, we suddenly recalled that we got cursed by the ladies street auntie.. it was kind of freaky..

But anyway, it's been 2 days since the aircraft have been missing from the time I am blogging now...
Though the chances are slim, but I still hope there are news of survivals and also to know the real reason of the disappearance of the plane asap...
May my prayers be with the victims and their families ):


Awesome awesome trip!
Cant wait to plan another trip with my friends and hopefully another spontaneous gang!
Happy graduation! :)

P.s: Photos are mainly from janica, Geraldine & shermane! HAHA thanks for sending me the pictures promptly so that I can blog asap :D